This app is the android version of BEST CLICK SERIES ICT textbook for  JHS 1.

best click series android jhs 1 book app bece pasco for android past questions 1best click series android jhs 1 book app bece pasco for android past questions 2

This android digibook app was created by Best Click Series to make the teaching and learning of ICT in Ghana handy and encourage students in Ghana to use their Android phones and tablets for learning and teachers to get their Best Click Series ICT textbooks on their Android phones/tablet and use their Android devices to deliver their lessons.

Click here to download for your android device

You can download on your desktop or laptop computer and sideload on your android.

NOTE: YOU CAN BUY AND GET THE FULL JHS 1 - 3 APK TO DOWNLOAD FROM WITHIN THIS APP. This means that, you can only pay and download the full JHS 1-3 books only when you have JHS 1 book app on your device.

4 comments on “JHS 1 ICT BOOK FOR ANDROID
  1. please why is it only for android devices only? I have been struggling to installed this app on my labtop but i could not. how do i do it?

  2. Emmanuel Mensah says:

    cannot download it on my laptop but l have it on my phone. I want it to be on my laptop which will be easier to use to teach. please help. Thank you


    you are doing well for as

  4. Can i get some of the books?

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